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The impacts of a transportation project cannot be overburdening our neighborhoods when there are alternative, less impactful ways to reach the same goals.

Published in The Columbian “Glen Yung, a Hough resident and city council candidate who spoke strongly against the Westside Bike Mobility Projects in prior public forums, offered a last word.“I think all of you in this meeting are well aware of my thoughts on the project. I don’t think it was the rightthing for the neighborhood,” Yung said.” Read the

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If we do decide to use tax dollars to incentivize development, we must assure that the program is transparent and that there is good oversight.

Published in The Columbian “The Multifamily Tax Exemption program, or the MFTE, offers tax breaks to developers who price a portion of their units under a certain monthly rent threshold, or who offer to provide some sort of public benefit, such as a park or an art installation. The idea is to increase housing stock, providing an incentive for developers

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For years Glen has been consistently participating in meetings that affect our quality of life. He stands up tall as an advocate for the people.

Published in The Columbian “Glen Yung, a Vancouver resident and frequent participant in council  meetings, pointed out during Monday’s public hearing that the metrics that the city uses to measure affordability still keep most of these units out of reach for the typical tenant. “We’re using the word ‘affordability,’ but it’s not affordable. There’s a big transparency problem, and we

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It took Glen hard work and countless hours to get his neighborhood to be heard. Our leaders should hear and be responsive to the quiet voices of those who are impacted by the decisions that they, themselves make.

Published in The Columbian Glen Yung, who lives on Columbia Street, agreed, saying he found the city’s assertion that its public notification process was thorough “ridiculous.”He pointed to a project poster he brought, posted in a business in the area, that made no real direct mention of what the protected bike lanes would mean for parking, and a several-hundred-strong petition

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We must understand the true impacts of our decisions before they are made. We must protect what I feel is the backbone of our city…Neighborhoods

Published in The Columbian “Her neighbor, Glenn Young, also addressed the council to convey his concern about how a loss of parking might hit the area’s elderly population.Something as simple as carrying groceries into the house would become a huge hurdle, he said. For some, it could be unlivable.“We are an old neighborhood, and we are also an aged neighborhood

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Glen has been in the trenches at Council Meetings speaking out for transparency and good stewardship of our tax dollars.

Published in The Columbian “That prompted a Vancouver resident at the meeting, Glen Yung, to say “$2,200 a month, to me is not affordable in any way. It’s kind of a frustration, because it comes back to a transparency issue. The publicgenerally sees this (program) as being a tax abatement for people creating affordable housing, and really, it’s not.”” Read

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