Build Tomorrow Together.

We need new leadership to rebuild trust in Vancouver City Government. Glen Yung is a builder and community activist, leader and volunteer with a blueprint on how to get it done.

Affordable Housing

Preventing Gentrification and Blight Through Smart Growth Policies.

We can address our affordable housing crisis and preserve the character of our neighborhoods without excessive tax giveaways to corporate developers. If we are going to incentivize development, the end results should be a community in which all people thrive, especially those who have long lived in the neighborhood.

Accessible Transportation

Get us Moving in the Right Direction.

The transportation policies currently being enacted are directly making traffic worse, communities far less livable and adding economic burdens to our most vulnerable citizens. We need a transportation that moves cars quicker, allows for necessary community parking and listens to those reliant on vehicles to advance their lives.

Accountable Government

Keeping Government Accountable to the Public.

Glen Yung is an advocate for Vancouver taxpayer, greater government transparency and policies that reflect real people and real lives. Common sense government should listen to us more.

Uniquely Vancouver

Protecting Vancouver’s Unique Identity.

We are not Portland. We are not Seattle. We are Vancouver and there is a uniqueness, a specialness that is truly 'US'... and it is worth fighting for. Glen Yung is ready to stand up with you, for our unique Vancouver, and help build tomorrow together.

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