Glen Yung

Glen Yung is a longtime Vancouver resident who is concerned about the city’s future and the direction it’s heading. He’s a professional contractor who specializes in home restorations and Accessory Dwelling Units. Yung has a background in banking and finance.

He and his wife have five children between the ages of 3 and 16 and have spent years fostering children in their home. Four languages are spoken in their ethnically diverse household.

While rebuilding his business after the Great Recession, Glen saw how many voices went unheard in planning our communities future.  He began actively attending city council and planning commission meetings after becoming concerned about a lack of transparency and robust public processes.

Yung served as Westside Neighborhood Coalition, committee chair for the Uptown Village Association and was on the Citizen’s Advisory Committee for the Westside Bike Mobility Project. He is currently on the board of the Vancouver Neighborhood Alliance and co-chair of the Hough Neighborhood Association. He has also been appointed to the City of Vancouver’s Citizen Task Force on Council Representation.

Vancouver is at a crossroads and the decisions our council makes now will impact our quality of life for decades. Yung wants to make sure all of our voices are heard by the city council and is asking for your vote.